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Workshop MicSeaOnMed (EEA GRANT) Blue Biotechnology: from the academy to the entrepreneur sector
Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal
24 May 2022

The initiative “MIcSeaOnMed - Technical cooperation for the Valorization of Fish byproducts up to the Health and Well-being sectors” is promoted by the 3B’s Research Group of University of Minho, aiming to establish cooperative relations with Icelandic institutions acting on the valorization of fish by-products and associated development of industrial applications, with emphasis on biomedicine.

With this initiative, co-funded by the EEA Grants Portugal under the Fund for Bilateral Relations from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, 3B’s Research Group is in contact with University of Iceland, Matís, Iceland Ocean Cluster and Codland, discussing on opportunities to collaborate on projects based on the valorization of marine resources and derived by-products to the proposal of novel applications for human health and well-being.

Under the scope of MIcSeaOnMed, a workshop entitled “Blue Biotechnology: from the academy to the entrepreneur sector” is being organized to be held in Guimarães, Portugal, on the 24th of May 2022.

This event aims the exchange of experiences on the valorization of fish by-products, through the development of applications for different industrial sectors aiming the 100% use of the fish, as well as on natural-based biomaterials for biomedical application, namely in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, envisaging a contribute to the sustainable exploitation of marine bioresources while driving innovation to a better life.

This workshop will count with the participation of experts on marine bioresources, natural products, biomimetics, marine biotechnology, biomaterials, medical devices and biomedicine, as well as on entrepreneurship endeavors, being planned to be held as an in person event, following all the recommendations and guidelines from the National and European Health authorities.



Margret Geirsdottir - Matís, Iceland
Alexandra Leeper - Iceland Ocean Cluster, Iceland
Pío González - University of Vigo, Spain
Carmen G. Sotelo - Institute of Marine Research – CSIC, Spain
Narcisa Bandarra - Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, Portugal
Juan Pou - University of Vigo, Spain



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Funding information
The MIcSeaOnMed initiative and its activities, including the present workshop, is co-funded by the EEA Grants Portugal (reference FBR_OC1_67), under the Fund for Bilateral Relations from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

Workshop MicSeaOnMed

Blue Biotechnology: from the academy to the entrepreneur sector

24 May 2022 | Guimarães | Portugal


Final Achilles Conference

Tendon Regeneration: a throwback to the lessons learned and prospects to the future

25-27 May 2022 | Guimarães |Portugal


Centro Cultural Vila Flor (CCVF),
Av. D. Afonso Henriques, 701 
4810-431 Guimarães
GPS: 41.4402184,-8.3048659
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